A Guide to Know the Wood Quality while Choosing Wood Furniture

67912762_4-Indian-Furniture-Indian-Wooden-Furniture-Indian-Furniture-from--For-SaleWooden furniture is very popular due to its strength and natural beauty. There are different types of woods used to make furniture like hardwood, softwood, etc. The other features of wood are color, grain, etc.

Furniture happens to be an essential part of any home. Amongst the various furniture varieties and materials, the wood furniture is the highly popular one. Wooden furniture pieces are not just strong; they are also more attractive compared to other furniture materials. The reason for wooden furniture’s growing popularity is natural beauty and its strength. While buying wood furniture, you must bear in mind the quality of the wooden furniture. Several kinds of woods are used to manufacture furniture. However, only some varieties are of nice quality. There are certain tips and tricks to know the quality of wood while choosing the wooden furniture.

A Guide to Choose Wooden Furniture

There are mainly three kinds of wood utilized to manufacture wooden furniture namely softwood, engineered wood and hardwood. Hardwood furniture is got from trees of teak, maple, oak, mahogany, cherry, walnut, etc. It is considered ideal for manufacturing quality wooden furniture. The trees of redwood, cedar, pine, etc., have softwood which is more vulnerable to scratches. Engineered wood is also very popular in making furniture because of its stability and strength. These days, furniture is manufactured using a mix of wood as well as some other materials to enhance the furniture strength. There are some unique features of each kind of wood which makes it different from other woods.

The primary characteristic is hardness. Woods can be classified into two types based on hardness, i.e. softwood and hardwood. However, not all hardwood is hard. Similarly not every softwood is soft. The primary difference among these two kinds happens to be that hardwood trees flower whereas the softwood trees are conifers. Majority of all furniture manufacturers opt for hardwood compared to softwood to make furniture. The other characteristics of wood include wood color, stability, grain, strength, moisture content, finish, etc. Identifying a suitable wood for your furniture is never a daunting task. However, it takes experience and knowledge. Hence, with little practice, you may differentiate between bad and good wood.

First, you must first check the type of wood used to make the furniture. You may use factors such as wood color, strength and smell and you must have good knowledge of them. Certain wood types have color features which are unique to only that type of wood. This can act as an aid in identifying them. After this, verify the grains of the wood. The wood grain also plays an essential role in differentiating the various types of wood. Modern wooden furniture is generally made using a mix of various wood types. This adds strength and lessens the price of the wooden furniture


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