Latest Kitchen Trends: Know All About Them!

With all the kitchen appliances that one needs to store, it has become essential for kitchens to be spacious. While doing so they must also present a style statement that speaks of the owner’s personality. With the latest trends and designs this has become easy to achieve.

The kitchen forms an integral part of the house. It is a place where we create our food and therefore it is absolutely necessary for this section of the house to be aesthetic and user-friendly. The kitchen designs and appliances have developed leaps and bounds than traditional kitchen designs. What everyone desires from their kitchen is abundant bench top space for preparation purposes and abundant storage space as well. The kitchen reflects whether the family is nuclear or joint of whether there are kids or old people in the house. Whilst all this, everybody wants their kitchen to have a personal touch that speaks of their personality and style. The kitchen should also facilitate today’s user’s fast lifestyle.

05-mosby-kitchen-trendsThe latest trend in kitchen designs follows minimalism. Square flat doors, straight and long bench tops, glossy finishes, horizontal lines and open shelves are some of the current kitchen design trends. The kitchens today have more of a stream lined look due to the compactly cabinet placed kitchen appliances. The drawers and cupboards are going further inside the wall creating more room for presence. Splashbacks give a decorative look to your kitchen as it can be customized according to your house decor by the use of the numerous available patterns and designs. Splashbacks are available in wood, steel, stone although glass splashbacks seem to catch the most attention of buyers.

The colors and finishes of your kitchen matter a lot today. They must be glossy and you can play with various colors going from all white to pretty bold colors. Popular currently are warm tones for example honey color. People also prefer bright shades such as oranges and greens. The designs and patterns of kitchens have become more experimental and playful. Such playful patterns and prints can be used to decorate bench tops and splashbacks.

The most requested material for bench tops currently is stone! The stone could be man-made acrylic or reconstituted products such as ‘Essa Stone’ and ‘Caesar Stone’. Neutral colors with pebble or lime finishes provide a naturally clean look to your kitchen. Other popular bench top styles are laminated bench tops. There are a variety of colors and patterns available in laminate bench tops. Big steel square handles are the recent trends in kitchen handles. Recessed openings have gained popularity against handles. Handles shouldn’t be the defining criteria of a kitchen. They should blend in the overall decor that has been chosen by you.


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