Tips to Choose Furniture for Small Bedrooms

Small bedrooms can be decorated with the best furniture by choosing correct furniture. The beds, storage space, drawers, etc. can be chosen optimally to ensure correct usage of space.

Bedroom-Furniture-small-space-Design-ideasSmall bedrooms are generally tougher to decorate compared to larger ones because of limited floor area. Making a cozy and inviting living space within small bedrooms can be challenging. However, arranging furniture appropriately ensures the best usage of space and makes your bedroom cozy and comfortable. A good rule of thumb for decorating any small room is to just keep things which you find beautiful and useful. You can take into consideration your needs, non-negotiable objects and wants. Even the tiniest of space may be turned into a welcoming and cozy bedroom that offers rest and sanctuary to the occupants of the room.

Choosing Furniture for Small Bedrooms

The bed happens to be a focal point within any bedroom. This is a highly important and the biggest furniture piece present within the bedroom. While you select a bed, ensure to take into account the dimensions of the bedroom. For instance, if your room is very small, you cannot purchase a king sized bed. A very big bed may shrink the appearance of the bedroom. If the bedroom is only for you, a queen size bed than a king sized bed is alright. If the bedroom is only for kids, go for trundle beds or bunk beds. Additionally, consider the floor spacing as well as the vertical space when selecting a bed.

You can select a bed having drawers below the bed. It makes an ideal storage space for clothes and smaller item. If you place a king sized bed, ensure to make the best usage of space below your bed for storing.  Place this bed at the center and against the widest wall within the room. Do not place it near a frequently opened window. Windows bring drafts which can make you sick. If you have to keep it, the windows must be kept closed at all times. The bed must not obstruct the opening of other furniture within the bedroom.

Nightstands add bulk to small bedrooms. Replace it with some shelf of similar height. If you must keep a nightstand, select one having an open design that helps create vision of more space. Replace your big dresser with some skinny and tall one and save space. Or remove your dresser and put your clothes within the closet. Apply your makeup within the bathroom. Outfit your closet with storage system comprising of drawers, rods and shelves which optimize storage. If this does not work because of floor space shortage, select a closet which reaches the ceiling. This lessens more space within your room.


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