Versatility of Oak Furniture

Bretagne-Oak-Furniture-Bedroom-lOak made furniture is the most versatile furniture available today. Oak is a hardwood and is long lasting and extremely durable. Heavily used furniture like chairs, desks and dining tables can be purchased in oak due to its solid nature. It can be used both indoor and outdoor as it goes with all settings and styles.

There are many different options to choose from when it comes to selecting furniture these days. With so many different, less expensive options available in the market many people prefer oak furniture sets for their home. Oak furniture adds warmth and a stylish look to the room. The wide range of colors it is available in makes it suitable for any kind of interior. Many different styles can be carved easily with oak and hence it is the excellent choice for any furniture need.

Advantages of Oak Furniture

The first advantage of oak furniture is its versatility. Oak furniture can be used both inside and outside the home as it is fungi and insect resistant. It is long lasting and when properly maintained it can even last for centuries; this particular aspect of its durability makes the money spent on it a worthy investment. Oak is also crafted to give the rustic look hence furniture made with it can also complement the western style of decor  Needless to say its straight lines and smooth finish nature goes well with the ancient traditional look of the house. It is a middle grade wood and its durability is not affected even after rough usage.

Oak furniture is very easy to maintain and no special care is needed. Just like other wood furniture oak also needs to be polished and painted every few months; to clean the dust a wipe with dry cloth is more than enough. Avoiding direct exposure to sunlight and to electrical devices like heater and radiator will ensure the long lasting life of the furniture. Environmental benefit of oak is the other added benefit and is mostly from the sustainable forests. The manufacturer will have thorough knowledge about the source of the wood and would state it proudly. Most of the oak available today is from the wood that was cut years ago to use for flooring’s and other uses. The used wood from houses, warehouses and other old buildings is collected after demolishing and is now reused to make furniture. This age is what that gives hardness and durability to the furniture.

Oak furniture is available in both complex designs and simple designs. The organic oils and natural finishes present in it make it long lasting than other particle board furniture sets. Oak wood is well known for its scratch proof, stain proof and dust proof nature. It is best to be in the children’s room due to its strong and durable nature. As oak furniture blends with any color naturally one can paint such furniture coordinating his interior color.


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